Charm Bead Kokeshi Kitsune

  • Material 925 Sterling Silver
  • Product Weight 5 g
  • Size height 12-14 mm
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Handcrafted with great detail and care for textures and elements. 

Polishing with blackening.

Kitsune is a fox with supernatural powers, chief among them turning or possessing humans. The legend of Kitsune originated in China and spread to Japan along with literature.
The main legend is that kitsune are messengers of the goddess Inari, who represents fertility and prosperity. At the time of the great famine, the goddess descended from heaven on a snow-white fox and saved the people. It was at that moment that her messengers, the kitsune, came with her. The conclusion is that foxes are unambiguously good and kind creatures.
The goal of a kitsune is to ascend to heaven by becoming a celestial fox, i.e. to be reborn. To do so, one must continually refine one's skills and live a thousand years. A fox needs time and experience to become a human: in 50 years a kitsune can learn to change into a woman, in 100 years into a beautiful girl or a man (which is much rarer).
Once a fox becomes a young beauty, she is able to trick a young man into marrying her.
There is a legend. After becoming a beautiful girl, Kitsune married a man. They lived happily ever after, and even had several children, but one day a pack of dogs surrounds her and she transforms into a fox, revealing her true nature. However, the man still loved the kitsune and let her come overnight. From then on, she would come every night in the guise of a girl and disappear in the morning in the form of a fox. Hence the name kitsune - which in classical Japanese kitsu-ne means 'come and sleep', while ki-tsune means 'always coming'. It is interesting to note that children from such marriages grow up to be strong and often have abilities that are unnatural to humans.

Material 925 Sterling Silver
Product Weight 5 g
Size height 12-14 mm

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