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VIP CHARMS is the place where you can add real charms for every moment of your life.

    Charms are unique jewelry: beads, bracelets, pendants, chains. Each charm is a memory of an event or a reflection of something special that happened in life.

    The word "charm" is from the French charm, which translates to "charm, charm". They are small, cute and eye-catching. Themes can be different: love, winter, nature, relationships. The material is sterling silver, crystal, glass, zircon.

    The first charms appeared on Earth over 2,000 years ago. At the beginning of our era in Egypt, such jewelry was made in the form of animals or everyday objects. They were thought to have the power to cure infertility and increase crop yields. They were even worn on the dead to make a happy life in the other world.

 How to collect a unique charm. Instructions from VIP CHARMS specialists

   Your charm will be unlike any other if you know how to collect it and what to consider while doing so.

             For a charm you need a base. This is an element of the bracelet made of metal, which will be fixed on the wrist.

       To divide the bracelet into zones will be stoppers (clips). They consist of two halves and are put on the base.

       In between the clips on the bracelet string pendants - rings with products hanging down.

       Charms-chains are elements that are put on the bracelet on both sides of the clasp. The chain protects against accidental opening of the lock.

     Bracelet length must be longer than the circumference of the wrist at 2-3 centimeters. In this case the leather bracelet should be shorter than the metal, because over time it will stretch.

     Now imagine that the first time you met with your loved one, you received from him a bouquet of daisies or lilies. How much joy a charm called "Vintage Daisy" or "Lily Flowers" will bring you! Buy them for yourself, and you will enjoy remembering those encounters.

 Buy Charms at VIP CHARMS

    We have created a place where you can buy high quality silver and stone charms at affordable prices. See the catalog of the online store and choose for yourself bracelets, collect unique charms.

    Our goal is to bring you the joy of memories, positivity and good luck. Each piece and piece of jewelry is a testament to our high standards of craftsmanship, and it will stay with you for life.

    To purchase a piece, add it to your cart. Payment can be made online by bank card.